06 January 2013

2012. 2013

I haven't manage to get the time to blog. 
One big difference of 2012 and 2011 is that, I got much more busier and more commitment in life.
Hence, I have neglected time for myself - that include blogging.

What a year.
If I may conclude - It is an eventful year!
This year,
I got promoted to Manager,
was sent for oversea business trip 1st time in my life,
Acted in an incredible production,
diagnosed thyroid,
grandma passed away,
broke up from a 2.5 years relationship, 
had a major fight with a best friend and that strengthen our friendship now
heavily invested in Share Market,
gained a bit of weight and lost some weight,
Got to know an unique stranger which taught me a lot.
I learnt to look into details more, the importance of accepting the unacceptable, be humble and care for others feeling.
Most of my 2012 resolution that I made in 2011 have been achieved actually, except "losing weight"!

2012 is a year which I transition into stability.

2013 is the year that I am taking off from the ground, the year that I will implement actions and improve on my weaknesses. 
Fly high!

Thank you, you and you being part of my 2012, 2013 will be even greater, bigger and healthier!

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